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We will teach you key communication techniques with advice and feedback from previous year markings.

The course is aimed towards ensuring you learn key skills and tips that those who ranked in the top 1% adhered to.

Ensuring you do not pick up bad habits and are efficient in your answers will be practiced. 

The skills here are important to do well in the SJT and ensure the flow of information through the different mediums available as a DFT.


We will teach you key professionalism, management, and leadership skills. 

There is more than just knowing the key laws and regulations, but structuring an answer and showing your understanding. Feedback from official examiners will be utilised.

Key regulations and up to date information will be taught.

PML skills are the cornerstone in doing well in the SJT. With the  key understanding of how do deal with different scenarios this can in turn be used to score high in the SJT.


The SJT is adhering to a specific way of thinking. We are careful to not use the large number of available resources that 'teach' SJT skills, as many of them are mere opinions of the authors.

We rather use factual information from official material and from those who have done well in the SJT to reflect insight and knowledge.

The SJT requires the individual to have a specific mindset, and be in the right frame of thinking. We spend a lot of the course day teaching this.

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Register Your Interest

Attendees will be provided with a free guide for the DFT interviews with key tips and checklists)

The course will cover all components of your interview preperation. 

The day will consist of the Communication and PML components, with advice compiled from individuals who ranked in the top 10 in the country, out of 1200 applicants.

A large amount of time will be spent on the SJT component, which be the main determinant of the 20-21 assessment. 

The course will finish with a manual compiled with all the key facts and advice from the day.

We have received outstanding reviews from previous attendees which reflects why our course is one of the most popular in the UK.

Course Information


London: Southwark, London Bridge. 


Nearest station:

Southwark Underground (5-minute walk)

Waterloo Underground/Overground 



Through a secure network via PayPal. None of your payment details will be shared with us or third parties and will be kept confidential.

Course Timing:

The course will run from 10:00am to 16:00pm, with a lunch break. For those traveling outside of London, Waterloo is in close proximity with national trains running often.

For the course, curriculum see the About page.

Ticket terms:

All tickets are non-refundable due to the high demand, however, if the face to face day cannot be held due to the Covid-19 pandemic a partial refund and access to an online alternative resource will be made available.  

If you need any further information please feel contact us.

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