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UK's first course compiled of the top 1% rankers



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DFT Crash Course is a crash course initiative that is unique in its approach. We will provide you with a plethora of background knowledge for you to excel at the DFT interviews.


The DFT crash course is organised with years of experience in running courses in the medical admissions field. Feel free to drop us a message to enquire further.

We have compiled advice, study tools and revision techniques from applicants who achieved rankings in the top 1% of all UK DFT applicants. 


By using advice of applicants from different years we are providing an in-depth crash course with confident advice.

Our aims are to ensure you get the most recent and up to date advice in regards to your Dental Foundation Training interviews.


Each attendee will leave with course material that will ensure learning occurs even after the course crash day, including access to our online members area.



"DFT crash course was the only course I chose to go on and formed the basis for my DFT interview preparation. To receive unique advice from individuals who achieved near to full marks and were ranked in the top 1% of the country in PML and communication was extremely beneficial. The entire day was well-organised and structured. We were given methods to answer SJT questions, completed a timed SJT paper and received our individual ranking and feedback via email. I highly recommend DFT crash course and would go as far to say that if this is the only course you attend this is more than enough to prepare you for DFT interviews – the fresh, unique advice you receive from the top 1% of the country is invaluable."

Divya P


I thought the course was very well structured and offered far more insight and techniques to excell at the dft interviews than a lot of the other courses I went to. I learnt more in a day than I would have if I was left to revise on my own for 2 weeks. Very helpful indeed and definitely worth every penny. 

Umae H


The crash course run by people who have been through the process was a good eye opener. The PML advice was particularly useful as it gave a unique perspective to approaching scenarios. This helped me stand out on the day of the interview. Another fantastic addition was the handbook which neatly summarised the possible scenarios and was a handy tool for recapping interview strategies.

Overall a brilliant course and well worth the investment as it will introduce you to tips and techniques which are different to other candidates!

Ankur P


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We have compiled advice from past examiners of the DFT recruitment process. 

top 1 %

We have compiled revision techniques from applicants who achieved rankings in the top 1% of all UK DFT applicants. 


We will provide you with course material to ensure learning occurs after attending our course


We have compiled guidance from previous writers of SJT questions that are similar to those that have been used in the DFT recruitment


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